abradorite Mix Antler Tip Necklace

Tess+Tricia MX-LB
This Labradorite Mix Antler Tip Necklace is the perfect style necklace to layer with other Tess+Tricia chain pieces for the perfect elegant look; add some more beaded layers for a more elevated and full look. Labradorite is a top selling stone within the Tess+Tricia line with its versatile hues of gray. The dynamic grays of this piece seamlessly pairs with the Small Gold-Filled Layering Necklace, and "Luck" Little Lovelies Triple Wrap Bracelet as a necklace.

Materials: This Antler Tip Necklace is crafted with a naturally shed antler tip (hand-wired), gold-filled chain, Labradorite stone, and gold-plated Tess+Tricia charm. All Tess+Tricia antlers are natural and hold unique characteristics as far as shape, tone, and grain. These beautiful and organic characteristics may vary slightly and the antler tip for this style necklace is typically 2.5” long.

Sizing + Fit: This necklace hangs 11” from the neck; this necklace has no clasp and is designed to be worn by simply slipping over the head.

Necklace Symbolism: Shed antlers are a sign of wisdom, courage, and growth.

Stone Attributes: Clarity, insight, success, self-confidence, wisdom.

Model Measurements: 34 bust, 26 waist, 12" neck
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abradorite Mix Antler Tip Necklace